1. We’ve always been Uber, now it’s official.

    Since we’ve dropped “cab” from our name, we’re on a new domain.

    Please head on over to our new blog…


  2. Uber has been served.

    UberCab Inc. has been issued a cease and desist order from the SF Metro Transit Authority & the Public Utilities Commission of California. While we are looking into the issues raised, we believe that the service we offer is in compliance with the cited regulations.

    UberCab is a first to market, cutting edge transportation technology and it must be recognized that the regulations from both city and state regulatory bodies have not been written with these innovations in mind. As such, we are happy to help inform the regulatory bodies on this new generation of technology and work closely with both agencies to ensure compliance and keep our service available for our truly Uber users and their drivers.

    Our commitment is to facilitate an improved transportation option that provides safe, reliable, and convenient travel. That will not change. We will continue full speed ahead with the mission of making San Francisco city a great place to live and travel.


    In order for a driver to successfully use the UberDriver app, we require proof of a valid TCP license and proper insurance as a livery service provider. In addition, the Uber community rates their driver after every trip. If the user generated rating for a driver drops below our standard we remove the driver from the system.

    To avoid confusion, we’ve removed the word cab from our name. We’ve always been Uber, but now it’s official.


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  3. Request from your Hand


    Giants Fever is upon us. Men are growing black beards, people are boycotting Philly Cheese Steaks, and, according to SF Appeal, Taxis are being overwhelmed by the high demand of riders. They claim: 

    "In order to accommodate numerous Giants fans, drivers at a local cab company are asking San Francisco officials to authorize a temporary cabstand near AT&T Park…

    Though there is a cab stand already in place at King and Second streets, Luxor Cab drivers don’t feel the stand will be sufficient to handle the crowds expected to attend games if the Giants continue to advance through the playoffs and make it to the World Series.”

    While one option would be to wait in the massive line of drunk fans fighting at taxi stands, we would like to offer you an alternative: have an upgraded cab stand built into your mobile phone.


    Sign up with an account for Uber. You’ll touch a button on your phone, pinpointing where you would like to picked up, and voila—a stylish black car (town car, escalade, benze, etc.) is headed specifically for you. Like iTunes, you’ll have your billing info stored, eliminating the need for cash. So you can splurge on hotdogs and Cody Ross bald caps without worrying about saving cash for your ride home. 

    Take control of your playoff celebrations by removing the limits of cab stand locations and lines. The “Cab stand” is now in your hand! We don’t care whether you’re in South Beach by the game, or watching from a bar in the Marina; Uber is the convenient, cashless, option to waiting in a cab line. 


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  4. It’s out, we’re funded.

    So, it looks like the news about our funding leaked a bit early :)

    To confirm, we raised $1.25MM and are excited to be working with First Round Capital and LowerCase Capital and a swath of amazing Angels.

    I’ll be posting next week what this means for our growth, our team, and our service. There are so many things that we’re looking to build (and improve on). Until then, have a great weekend and ride Uber!

    More info on the funding:

    TechCrunch: http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/15/ubercab-closes-uber-angel-round/

    FirstRound: http://www.firstround.com/portfolio/company/ubercab/


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  5. UberCab’s Broadening Horizons


    This was another phenomenal week for us at Uber on almost all fronts. We broke records in our number of trips, sign ups and cars on the road. We do recognize that there were quite a few of you who logged in to see “0 cars” available, and trust us, that fact does not go down easily for us. We’re working hard to constantly improve our availability. What is hands down most exciting to us is how excited and supportive you all have been in watching us grow. 

    Like our text messages alerts read, we LOVE you.

    Local Blog Love

    In the press we’ve gotten some awesome reviews from a few local publications (and this time from outside the tech community :) We want Uber to make sense for ALL of San Francisco; the hipsters, the fashionistas, the business folk, young professionals, the party-goers, and family-oriented. Uber isn’t demographic specific, it’s an experience.


    One of these posts came from 7x7 in a wonderful article, “Transported: The Best transportation Apps Out there.” Here’s a little taste:

    You can merely lay on your couch, request a car, watch it arrive to your door, get alerted of the car’s arrival and pay on your smart phone. UberCab is working on adding black Pruises to the fleet (their first test ride was a few days ago), and help limo and town car companies stay in business. You can use SMS to text UberCab for a driver, and both Blackberry and Android apps are in the works.” 

    ** And yes, we do have a prius on board! We like to say it’s a black car experience with a tint of green. ;)  **


      Thrillist wrote a hilarious and flattering piece on us. They opened with: 

     Started by an IT pro from San Diego who didn’t know the pains of hailing a  taxi until moving to SF, UberCab is as close as you’ll ever get to an on-  demand private driver: a Tara-Reid-simple iPhone app giving you instant access to a fleet of a dozen way-better-than-a-cab Town Cars, Benzes and Escalades that’ll cost you about $5-$10 more than your average taxi trip, but won’t cost you your sense of smell for the next three days. 

    **Wise words. Requesting an Uber really is Tara-Reid-Simple (good for you, bummer for her). The easier we can make your ride, the better we’re doing our jobs.** 


     And for those of you in the Mission, we ran a promo for the  readers of the Mission Mission blog. While it ran some  controversy because, after all, we’re a car service app, not a bike  share app, the silent majority loved it. We got a bunch of new  sign ups and helped those folks get to and from the Hardly  Strictly Bluegrass show. So, welcome to the lovers and the haters down in the Mission. 


     And on the event front, we teamed up with  as they put  together an excellent pre-release screening of “The Social Network" at the  Metreon on Thursday night. Uber was honored to provide a sweet deal  and transportation for the event. The night was a huge success!


    Thanks again to all of our Uber clients, drivers and to the blogs who’ve helped us spread the word around. If you have any question or comments please leave them below and we’ll shoot responses back to you very shortly!


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  6. Uber User of the Week: Eric Hayes


    What do you get when you mix Bourban and Branch with a young software engineer and a perfectly executed ride home?

    Answer: Our Uber User of the Week, Eric Hayes.

    Rather than us tell you why you should use UberCab, we thought we’d let Eric share an awesome real-life experience he recently had:

    "I’m not a big fan of driving—this is especially true in cities.  Any night on the town instantly becomes a planning nightmare.  If you’re going to have any drinks you’ll probably need a designated driver.  If you go somewhere really crowded you’re more than likely to spend at least 15 minutes driving around in search of a "close spot", only to end up 5-10 blocks away from your destination.  Whether it’s a regular night out, or a "night out on the town", ubercab lets you do things on your schedule.

    This last week I went out to grab some drinks at Bourbon and Branch with a friend of mine.  The reservation was set for 7:30pm.  Naturally we were finishing up dinner on the other side of town around 7:10pm.  I quickly pulled out my iPhone when we’re about done eating and notified ubercab that I needed a ride.  As expected, a driver was located and en route within 30 seconds.  During this whole process I was still eating and talking, so there was no interruption to dinner.  As we were stepping out of the restaurant minutes later, a sleek looking towncar was pulling up.  We hopped in, told the driver to go to Bourbon and Branch, and started driving.

    Minutes later the car pulls up several feet from the entrance to Bourbon and Branch.  We hop out of the car and head right in.  When I look back on this weekend, I remember the conversations, the food, and just how easily accessible San Francisco is via ubercab.  I don’t remember lines, fumbling around for cash, or driving logistics of any sort.  Everything was seamless!”
    Awesome! We love that we could smoothly thread your night together. We’re all about 
    getting you from point A to point B as simply and comfortably as possible. Thanks for sharing your experience and enjoy your “Uber User of the Week” credits!

    If you think you should be the “Uber User of the Week” or would like to share a funny/excellent/ neat UberCab use case you had, we’d love to hear it! Send your experience to Austin@ubercab.com.

  7. The Icing on the Cake


    Last week, the charming San Francisco blog “Scenes from My Hood" posted a contest to readers offering a free UberCab ride for the best response to the question: How would you spend your UberCab ride? Kate (the talented blogger behind the “Scenes”) got loads of truly wonderful responses. After combing through the best of the best, she announced two winners. Here is one of the winner’s (Jordan’s) winning response:

    "I was thinking all day about how i’d spend a glorious free ride in san francisco. i don’t have a car so i usually commute via muni or walk. i enjoy the walking, it reminds me that my legs are strong and powerful even if they aren’t exceptionally long or thin. i don’t mind taking the bus, it helps me remember i am beyond blessed to be living in a city filled with vastly different worlds i can travel to in mere minutes.

    i’ve figured out the perfect way i would utilize a free ride. my mom is coming to visit next week for my twenty-sixth birthday, and though it may seem a bit non traditional, since birthdays are all about the birth-ee, i think the perfect way to spend my birthday this year is to take my mom out to an appreciation dinner. see, i had big plans for twenty five, and like all big plans, they didn’t exactly work out the way i had hoped. instead of ringing in the year with lavish gifts, celebrations and security, i found myself twentyfive, unemployed and single. if it weren’t for the support of my amazing friends and remarkable family i don’t know how the rest of this year would have turned out.

    my parents supported me financially through my entire unemployment. they also put me through school, talked me through heartbreaks, flew me home when i just couldn’t deal, and put up with a lot of lip from a little girl with big hair. i’m in a place this year where i’m back on my feet with an amazing job, the same awesome friends (and even more so) and my rock solid family who never asked for anything back, just congratulated me when i got back on my feet. i’m going to take my mom to dinner and say thank you, but the free ride would just be icing on my birthday cake. ;)

    it really does take some perspective to realize how blessed and lucky you are to live your dreams, because even if they aren’t the dreams you originally planned for, living in san francisco while being safe, happy and healthy is a pretty big dream come true.”

    Jordan—Thanks for your inspiring response reminding us to embrace the solid support from the people in our lives over the fragile plans and expectations we set for ourselves. Enjoy your birthday celebration with Ma (I’m glad we could provide the icing). And Congrats to you and Ellen on your free UberCab ride!  

  8. Physical Web: How Apps Can Move Atoms & Bend Time

    Here is an amazing account of an Uber experience from our friends over at True Ventures. This post was originally post on their blog. Thanks for the great post guys! (disclosure: True Ventures is not an investor in Uber)

    For years I’ve been thinking about the physical web in terms of how access to the web can serially and sequentially improve our daily lives. My thinking has revolved around the belief that convenient access to the richness of the web in one instance can, in turn, influence or improve the way a subsequent instance unfolds.

    Examples of this include FoursquareFitbit (we’re investors), Yelp, and others. These products all help us improve the moments of our physical lives and bring the power of web reviewsweb-based tracking and analysis or simply the social gratification from connecting our location to our social graph. These experiences seem to tie brief moments of the web to longer real world activities.

    You check-in to a restaurant, maybe get a coupon, then put your phone away and enjoy your yogurt. You’re trying to decide on a dinner spot, so you whip out the device, read the reviews, then go about dinner. Or (my favorite) you run for the better part of an hour each day, then at the end of the week, look at your web-based dashboard and see how you’re doing.  These are all incredible product experiences. They harness the richness of the data on the web with the power of your social graph and crowd-sourced opinions.  Sure, those are a lot of buzzwords, but these apps have changed how we think and act.

    I experienced something yesterday, however, that makes me realize we’ve only seen the opening act in this incredible drama.  Yesterday I glimpsed the future of the immersive LBS / physical web, and I saw a glimpse of the future in which the physical will be weaved with, transformed by and improved from access to the web.

    Yesterday I used Ubercab… .

    I rushed out of Pier38 just in time to see my cab pull away without me.  I had 15 minutes to get to the heart of downtown SF from the waterfront. Not a big deal distance-wise, but getting a taxi on the Embarcadero is notoriously difficult. I called back to my office and asked for another cab.  When my colleague Adam overheard this call, he fired up UberCab.   He and the traditional taxi “raced” for the job.  I was meeting an LP, didn’t want to be late, and I would therefore take the first car that arrived.  While I waited, I fired off a note explaining my tardiness to my investor, so sure was I that I couldn’t possibly make it.

    Adam ran out of our office, iPhone in hand, and explained that my car was “3 minutes away.”  I looked on his iPhone screen and saw the map, with an icon of me at my location and a moving car heading my way. Literally 3 minutes later, a gleaming black Mercedes 500-Series pulled up.  Total elapsed time since missing my original cab:  well under 5 minutes.  I jumped in, then marveled form the inside of the spotless town car.  New York Times, bottle of water, air conditioner blasting.  This was no cab.

    Always one to recognize a good brand, I downloaded the app and became a customer.   I made it to the meeting with time to spare.

    Meeting ended. Rush hour in downtown SF. iPhone in hand, one button push, car ordered. Instant text replies my car is 3 minutes away.  iPhone screen shows a map with me geo’d and a car enroute. Below the map shows the high rating of “Mike” my driver.  Phone rings 2 minutes later, and my driver is calling.  “Hi Jon” (he knows my name from the system), “I’m across the street.”  I hop in.  Car spotless.  Mike super professional and friendly.  No cash changes hands (billed to credit card, tip included).  Customer uber happy.

    This experience was seriously incredible.  Not only was I delighted by the instant gratification, professionalism, and transparency of what was going on, but what started as a one button push ended up with me zooming across time and space merely 3 minutes later.

    Ubercab is but one example of the power of the emerging instant and constant physical web.  My Partner Om calls this “the internet in your pocket” and has a compelling view of the power of this trend.  At D8 this year, Steve Jobs called this future the “post-PC environment.” It really is the immersive web.

    The new class of apps are distinct because their use of the web is simultaneous to the physical activity.  These apps constantly interact with the world throughout the duration of the activity.  Rather than check in and put the phone away, these next gen apps actually direct things in the physical world to happen. They cause or manage human action, and they do so in a streaming metaphor.  As the facts change, the app responds, and sends out messages to impact the physical situation, either moving cars, organizing people, or re-directing remote eyes and ears.  These new apps utilize live feedback loops that entail constant communication between physical world and web.  Many of the apps I have seen this week alone have a mind of their own:  they improve outcomes without a user knowing it.  These sound subtle but are in fact significant distinctions.

    At True we are believers in this future and we’re actively investing in the people who are making this future vision come true.  Still, though I’m in the business of meeting with ideas from the future every day, I must confess that it was amazing to live the future through one extraordinary customer interaction.


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  9. Uber User of the Week: Dave Knox

    This is the first post of a new series we’ll be presenting, each week highlighting a fantastic UberCab user and his or her experience riding with us.


    Meet Dave Knox. He’s a successful copywriter at Duncan/Channon. His favorite restaurant in San Francisco is Le Petite Laurant. He loves surfing. Most importantly, he’s an amazing UberCab customer. We recently ran a contest (for a free ride!) asking riders why they use UberCab. Dave blew all other responses (and we had some great ones) out of the water with, “Because you named it UBER - Ubercool, Ubersimple, and Uberaffordable!” I couldn’t have phrased it better.

    I had a chance to chat with Mr. Knox over the phone and ask him a few questions. Here’s what he had to say:

    Q: Dave, can you describe a recent UberCab experience?

    A: “Sure. It was Saturday. My friend and I were going to have dinner in the mission. I ended up calling UberCab and my driver was here within like three minutes. It was awesome! On the way to the restaurant, my friend calls me and tells me her car battery is dead. I thought, ‘Gosh, I wonder if I can get an UberCab over to her.’ Because she lives in Glen Park, and cabs NEVER get out to Glen Park. It would take over an hour on a Saturady night. So, as soon as my ride was over with my driver, I placed a second order and, sure enough, [my driver] was the closest driver to her. So he went to go pick her up and she was at the restaurant within fifteen minutes! It was such a cool thing. Here I am in the UberCab. My friend can’t get to me. And I’m sending the same driver to get to her. And after dinner we went to the Latin American Club and had some drinks and I called an UberCab for her to get her home. Three UberCabs in one night!”

    Q: That’s great! I’m glad UberCab could be a catalyst in creating a successful night out. What are the best times you can think of for people to use UberCab?

    After dinner. After drinks. Especially if you’re out of the mission or some neighborhood where cabs really aren’t driving.  I work downtown. And cabs generally bail downtown after working hours. If you’re downtown eating at night, that’s going to be a perfect opportunity.

    Q: Can you sum up why you think UberCab is so essential?

    A: Availability is number one. Number two, there is a certain sense of riding in style. Professional drivers…clean cars. And the transaction is super-freaking cool. It’s already billed to your credit card! You don’t have to deal with tips or money issues. Or if you end up not having enough money and a cab doesn’t have credit card capabilities. Because then he’s got to drive you somewhere else to get to an ATM. The simplicity and ease you guys have built into the system makes it really attractive.

    Awesome. Fantastic, honest responses from a truly dedicated and enthusiastic UberCab rider. Dave, we look forward to having you as a rider for a long time to come. 

    We love interacting with you guys. If you had a useful/cool/exciting/funny/perfect UberCab experience, please let us know. You could end up as the Uber User of the week! E-mail your experience to austin@ubercab.com. 


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  10. Uber means business.

    Through our early growth it’s become obvious that traveling hassle free & in style is something that is important to you. Thursday through Saturday nights are crankin’ and we can barely keep enough cars on the road for all the rides you’re doing (thank you ;). But we do more than just weekends…

    UberCab operates everyday… that ends in ‘Y’.

    One thing that is important for you to know is that UberCab is all about the work day too! Whether you’re traveling to SFO or bouncing within the city form mtg to mtg, UberCab can help. In San Francisco, we have cars available, during the day, 7 days a week and we understand that you need a tool/service that  you can count on to get around. 

    This week, give UberCab a shot to remove the hassle from your commutes.

    Welcome  er’s

    We wanted to open our doors (pun intended) to those of you who found UberCab via the TechCrunch article last week. There were a lot of you (thanks @Arrington) and we want to make sure you’re all taken care of.

    Read the article here: http://tcrn.ch/ubercab2

    So, if you joined Uber from TechCrunch, (1) login online, (2) go the the ‘Promo’ tab, and (3) enter TECHCRUNCH15 for a free $15 in credits. This should cover your first ride so let us know how it goes. 
     Again, welcome :)

    *Must be redeemed by Wednesday of next week. 

    Say Hi to Austin!

    We’ve recently hired someone to help us with our marketing and community efforts. It became very apparent that being available for you guys and making sure that your Uber experiences are awesome is critical. Austin (@austypants on twitter) is here to help us with that, so say HEY!!!

    Please reach out if you have any questions, I’m always eager to chat.

  11. In an attempt to discover exactly who we are as a company, we at UberCab have done everything from playing creative games recommended by branding specialists (what TV character we’re similar to…I recall a non-sleazy Don Draper thrown out there) to late-night word-association sessions (“limo”…airport…Captain Sully). Suffice to say, we’ve had moments of straying off course or missing the mark throughout our identity quest. 

    We recently took a new tactic and hit the streets of San Francisco to gain insights on what you, the people, think “Uber” means. We compiled our footage into the above video.

     Let us know what you think, as well as what your own company name means.

    (Source: )


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  12. 5 Essential iPhone Apps for Dates


    Tony Bennett left his heart here. The summer of love was made famous here. San Francisco is absolutely one of the most enchanting cities to fall under one another’s spell. Unlike Mr. Bennett’s time, today it’s easier than ever to find success in the often-inhospitable world of dating. Here are the top 5 iPhone apps to successfully hone in Cupid’s arrows.

    5. Fake-a-Call

    We’ve all had those dates that feel straight out of a horror movie. Where the night’s beginning and end couldn’t reach one another more quickly. This app is essential for the unfortunate situation where you need to get out as quickly as humanly possible. While you excuse yourself to the bathroom, you simply prepare the necessary settings for your “emergency” call. You then receive that call from the name you’ve setup (Grandma), at the time you specified (in 2 minutes), and begin to express shock and sadness over hearing that Grandma’s in the hospital. One of the neatest features of the app is that the other end of the line will be one of 18 well thought-out scripts designed for you to repeat for a flawless escape.


    4. OkCupid 

     No matter how precisely you design your perfect evening, without an actual date, you’re left watching Friends reruns in your pajamas. OkCupid is one of the few free, quality mobile dating services. It allows you to browse other singles based on region, hobbies, beliefs or whatever requirements you may have. Wink, message, or chat with your interests. The app also allows you to see who’s checked out your profile, which can do wonders for those with self-esteem issues.          


    3. OpenTable 

    Nothing screams “undatable” more than lack of preparation for a date or special occasion (hint hint February 14th…write it down). OpenTable has made the process of making reservations completely painless. You’re no longer stuck calling  restaurant after restaurant finding availability. Instead, you specify the time, date and party number, and all available restaurants that can accommodate you are displayed. You then make your reservations right from the app. Genius.


    2. Date Smart

    It’s like UrbanSpoon, but for dates. This app is the ultimate brainstorm for the romantically challenged. It helps you generate a date plan under several different categories like “Adventurous,” “At Home,” “Romantic,” and several others specific to your location, price range and occasion. 



    You’ve got the date and you’ve got the restaurant. Now you  simply need to get the former to the latter in a way that screams  “You complete me.” Enter UberCab. You merely click a button on your phone and a black town car/limo is directly en route to  your destination (for up to 70% less than going through a normal limo service and with significantly less hassle). One of the coolest  features of this app is the ability to watch, in real time, your car approaching on a google map. Not to mention the fact that the entire transaction is cashless and tip-less. The whole experience shamelessly trumps riding in a normal taxi. UberCab is smooth, unforgettable and studies might show, an aphrodisiac.     


    What apps do you use for dates? Have you used any of these? We’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t be shy.


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